Better day

Discover simple and effective ways to improve your day and boost your happiness. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine for a better, more fulfilling life.
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HONG KONG – Better Days director Derek Tsang said his Oscar-nominated film could inspire other Chinese artists to pursue difficult topics despite the challenges in getting works past censors in China. Adapted from Jiu Yuexi’s novel Young And Beautiful, the movie tells...

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Let's talk about a fun 30-day happiness challenge. This 30-day challenge for happiness shares the best rules to be happy in life. You'll learn some good daily habits to be happy & habits of happy people aka habits to be happy. If you want to know how to be happier, how to be happy & how to have a happy life, try these simple habits of happiness aka ways to be happy. This is among my favorite fun 30-day challenge ideas. Personal growth tips. How to be positive. Positive mind. Better me…

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