Big soft ginger cookies

Indulge in the irresistible taste of big soft ginger cookies. Try our mouthwatering recipe and enjoy the perfect blend of spices and sweetness. Bake a batch today and treat yourself to a heavenly ginger cookie experience.
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Molasses Cookies are big soft, chewy cookies that scream to be made for the holidays. They are made with all the warm spices we love this time of year. I have been making these cookies for the holidays for many years. I remember sharing them with an elderly woman in my neighbourhood who told me...

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Fall is in the air. And so is the smell of fresh-baked Soft Ginger Cookies. Perfectly soft and chewy, bursting with gingerbread flavor, and rolled in a crunchy sugar coating, these Soft Ginger Cookies will be your new fall favorite. The extra addition of molasses makes these cookies even more special and gives them a deeper gingerbread flavor.

Julie Stuart