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Explore a collection of bold and beautiful big tattoo designs that will make a lasting impression. Discover inspiration for your next tattoo and express your unique style.
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17 People Who Couldn’t Predict the Result When Getting Their Tattoo

A tattoo is a great way to express your individuality, highlight your strong side, or be a reminder of an important event. The tattoo image remains with its owner for good and becomes a part of their body, that’s why you shouldn’t choose the image in haste. Especially taking into consideration the fact that tattoos are very difficult to remove.

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Explore 2024's Best Back Tattoos for Men: Trends, Designs & Symbolism

Discover the latest 2024 trends in men's back tattoos with our comprehensive guide. From a fusion of nature and mythology to gothic realms, traditional styles with modern twists and bold statements, we cover a wide range of designs. Dive into the artistic diversity of back tattoos including Japanese dragons, ghostly imagery, power symbols, personal collages, cosmic dances and more. This article is designed for fashionable men and offers a visual journey through the rich tapestry of back…

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Tattoosday: Worst Tattoo Trends of 2013

10. Black lace/Mandala hand tattoos – Sara Fabel made this one popular among women and there are some very nicely done versions out there. Unfortunately we're seeing girls with little to no tattoos or full color sleeves getting this, resulting in awkward looking hand tattoos that don't flow with the rest of the their arm. Try henna first ladies!