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Discover the versatility and convenience of Bike Friday, the ideal bike for your weekend getaways. Find top ideas to make the most of your outdoor adventures with Bike Friday.

In the world of folding bikes, there are many brands which come to mind, starting with Brompton, the high-end manufacturer based in the UK. Here in the US, there are a handful of companies that offer folding bikes, but to my knowledge, the only manufacturer making frames Stateside is Bike Friday. Believe it or not, this came as a surprise to me - due to my lack of knowledge on the subject - and I was very thrilled to find this bit of information out. I guess I just never saw one that sparked…

Heridh Yoga Wiranata
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I have now ridden the NWT several hundred miles, and I have enjoyed it. Despite the whippiness of the handlebars, it is really fun to ride. Very comfortable (perfectly set up for my preferred riding position), it rides like a road bike, albeit a very lively one. It tracks nicely, no problem at high speeds. (I've gotten it up to 37 mph with nary a shimmy, even with a handlebar bag.) The gearing (triple front, 8 sp. rear) is good, erring, if anything, on the easy side, which is OK. The easy…

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The Bike Friday All-Packa is a versatile mini-velo, designed for off-road riding and touring. Julien shared with us his beautiful photos of his All-Packa for this week's Readers' Rides... I started sharing pics of my All-Packa that I recently finished building to some friends and one of them was like "you have to send this to The Radavist !" So as a fellow reader I thought I'd share, I remember seeing that Falconer's Mini velo and thinking it was bonkers, definitely piqued my interest at the…

Nguyen Anh Thai