Bird bath planter

Enhance your garden with a unique bird bath planter that attracts beautiful birds while adding a touch of charm to your outdoor space. Explore top ideas to create a welcoming oasis for feathered friends.

What to plant in the shallow birdbath Transform an old birdbath into a tiny landscape This article provides instructions on how to create a miniature landscape in an old birdbath. It involves planting miniature plants in pots and then filling the planter about 2/3 full with soil. The birdbath or other container that will stay… Read More »What to plant in shallow bird bath: Planter Ideas For your Garden

Lyn Nehring
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When it's a plant pedestal instead! Several years ago my husband bought this beautiful little birdbath for me at a somewhat pricey little gift shop. Unfortunately, the basin section rusted pretty badly within the first year so I didn't feel safe having the birds drink from it. But what a beautiful pedestal it made for last year's petunias! (This is a great way to use hanging plants with the hooks removed... Instant gratification because they are so big right from the start!) This year I have…

Angela Clarke