Bird beaks

Explore the amazing world of bird beaks and learn about their diverse shapes and sizes. Discover how these adaptations help birds with feeding, communication, and survival.
Eco-Evo Evo-Eco: The Adaptive Radiation of Darwin's Finches: old, new, and personal perspectives Birdwatching, Birds For Kids, Bird Facts, Animal Adaptations, Bird Beaks, Mama Bird, Bird Theme, Cartoon Sketches, Baby Bird

[Al Uy asked to me to write a pseudo-popular piece about the adaptive radiation of Darwin's finches for a forthcoming "" website. I decided to use this blog to present a first (and as yet overlong and too technical) draft of my contribution.] When I went home for Christmas in 1995, I was an aspiring salmon biologist doing my Master’s research at the University of Washington, Seattle. By the time I returned to Seattle two weeks later, I was an aspiring evolutionary…

Katie Riley Peterson