Birds eye

Explore breathtaking bird's eye view photos and get inspired with creative ideas. See the world from a new perspective and discover hidden gems with these captivating images.
Stunning Aerial Photographs Find The “Hidden City” Inside New York City Birds Eye View Drawing, New York Perspective, Worm's Eye View Photography, Bird's Eye View Drawing, Birds Eye View Photography, Perspective Illustration, Birds Eye View City, View Drawing, Worms Eye View

Navid Baraty started taking the pictures by accident. He was up in a skyscraper high above New York City, doing his best to take an aerial photograph the low-te

New York | Bird's eye view on life © Katrin Korfmann Ariel Images, Peisaj Urban, Boogie Woogie, Aerial Photo, Drone Photography, Birds Eye View, Aerial Photography, Birds Eye, Public Space

At first glance, Katrin Korfmann's enormous images look like abstract paintings, but once the spectators take a closer look, details begin to emerge, serving as a reminder that when viewed from above, all people look the same.

Rianne Blanche