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Discover unique and eye-catching book jacket designs that will make your reading experience even more enjoyable. Explore top ideas to find the perfect cover for your favorite books.
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I confess that I am the sort of person who judges books by their covers. When I walk into a bookstore, I usually spend about ten minutes just browsing the covers of the books that are spread out on the nearest table. I'm not interested in the content, I don't care about the story. All I want at that moment is to look at is the image, the type choices, the paper and printing. Nothing against authors. I just like the look and feel of paper books. Happily, I've been designing a few books covers…

Kyla Cullinane
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Cover for the paperback edition of the YA novel Silhouetted by the Blue. It tells the story of a teenage girl with a passion for singing who is cast to play Dorothy in the school musical. But with her increasingly depressive father, she has to take care …