Bookplate design

Add a unique touch to your books with creative and personalized bookplate designs. Discover top ideas to make your books truly your own with these stunning bookplates.
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This is a selection of the 80 bookplates that I have engraved in wood and printed in Victorian handpresses. I have also included details from the finished work as well as from the design drawings and engraved woodblocks. You can find out more about wood engraving and see my work on my website: I am always very happy to talk about designing and engraving a bookplate for you to use yourself or for a gift. My work is always be in demand and there is usually a wait of at…

Allison Eggers
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Bookplate rubber stamp, book and art nouveau, 1.73 x 1.77 inches. Rubber stamp with groove strips made of beech wood from local forests. *** Flat Rate Shipping. You are only charged one price per order no matter how many stamps you buy. For example: if you order 5 stamps, you would be charged only $8 to ship all of your stamps. TO ORDER: 1. Complete payment through PayPal. 2. We will produce your bookplate rubber stamp and make the delivery…