Bunny sketches

Discover the beauty and charm of bunny sketches and get inspired to create your own artwork. Explore top ideas and techniques to bring these adorable creatures to life on paper.
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How to draw a bunny. Step-by-step drawing tutorial. Step 1. Draw the shape of the bunny's head and ears. Step 2. Draw the shape of the bunny's body. Step 3. Draw the bunny's paws. Step 4. Draw the bunny's fur. Paint over the eye. Step 5. Start shading the bunny's drawing. Step 6. Finishing the bunny's drawing.

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I'm a Storyboard Artist, currently working at "House of Cool". I've also had the pleasure of being a 2D and CG Feature Animator. I love drawing, designing, animating and telling stories. Animated on; "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs2" "The Little Prince" "True Heroes" "Sahara" "Le Jour des Corneilles" All images are copyright Bianca Siercke.

Sarah Greenland