Butter toffee recipe

Indulge in the rich and buttery goodness of this homemade butter toffee recipe. Learn how to make this addictive treat that will leave you craving for more.
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Make the Easiest and Best Tasting English Toffee Recipe!

Learn how to make the BEST English Toffee that looks and tastes amazing! Rich buttery toffee covered with milk chocolate and chopped pecans. Just 4 ingredients! English toffee is the perfect holiday candy treat for parties and Christmas gifts.

Brown Suggar
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Pioneer Womans Butter Toffee - Dream Book Design

Woah friends, this recipe is dangerous to say the least. Now I know in a lot of my “food” posts I say that the recipe is a ‘must’ to make, but that’s because I only post recipes that I TRULY believe are musts!! Like this one here: Lia’s Butter Toffee from The Pioneer Woman. I’ve […]

Shanna Lee
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Homemade Butterfingers

These butterfingers taste even better than the original- they are bougie butterfingers if you will. Using simple ingredients, this recipe is made by laminating layers of caramel with sweetened peanut butter creating a flaky and crisp center.

A Rischard