Cake plates

Enhance your dessert presentations with elegant cake plates. Discover top ideas for showcasing your delicious cakes in style and impress your guests with stunning dessert displays.
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DIY Cake Stands - My Vintage Porch

Just a forewarning, you just may get this project done in 15 minutes or less so don't be alarmed when you have the whole day to stare at your masterpiece and you don't know what else to do with yourself. Ok, here goes. Get your plates and candle holders out and glue

Renate Fenne
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Where to Find Cake Plates - Jenny Cookies

One of the most commonly asked questions left on my blog and social media is "Where do you find your cake plates??" Cake plate addiction is a real thing. I've been adding to my collection for many years, which is why some people may confuse me as a hoarder rather than a collector...but just look.

Amanda Huggins Smith
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12 Cake Stands Under $30

Cake stands and cake plates can really make your dessert table the star of the show. Different colors, sizes and shapes can really draw your guests in and make your table look great in photos. I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay $80-100 for a cake stand. And since I like

Mujer Invisible
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Stacked Trays

I think I have a thing for gluing stuff together to make new stuff. I found a set of trays at Goodwill,hated the design but for 5.00 bucks for three nice trays I thought I could do something with them. Here are the trays in their original strange splendor. I washed the trays first and then primed them with three coats of primer. It was really hard to cover that lovely aquatic scene (snigger). After priming I had to paint on five, count em... I said five coats of paint. That fish wasn't going…

Joyce Quintal