Calf tattoo men

Discover unique and stylish calf tattoo ideas for men. Get inspired and find the perfect design to showcase your individuality and personal style.
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Disclaimer: as fun as it might sound, these tattoo designs won’t be the ones depicting young cows, but rather the ones meant for your calves - as in the portion of your lower leg. However, it would be truly charming if someone were to get a calf tattoo on their calf. Or, a tattoo of your own calf on your calf. Now that’s meta!

Arné Dunckers
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There is an opinion that your tattoos — especially if you’re still fairly new to this game — should only be located on the upper part of your body, and you can resort to leg tattoos after every other possibility on your upper body has been covered. Well, let me tell you this: your body, your rules. So even if it is your very first encounter with ink, you may very well start with your calves if you like this idea.