Candle shapes

Discover a wide variety of unique and creative candle shapes to add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your home. Find the perfect candles to enhance any occasion or decor.
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MAISON BOHITI on Instagram: "Happy Love day or Happy Tuesday in case you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day! 🤎🤍 ✨ . . . . . . . . . #soywaxcandles #soywax #homedecor #candles #candlesofinstagram #handpouredcandles #handpoured #aesthetic #aesthetic #womenownedbusiness #nudepalette #nude#candlemaking #nudecolor"

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About this item BUBBLE CANDLES MATERIAL: The bubble candle made of natural soy wax.each bubble candles weight is around 5.5oz, shaped candles cotton wicks design, aesthetic candle safe and secure, candle set plant derived essential oils, aesthetic candles fresh and elegant, bubble cube candle with even aroma UNIQUE DESIGN:The candles aesthetic parcel come with 2PCS candle, trendy candles cube design, cute candles aesthetic unique and cute, bubble candle set portable SHAPED CANDLE SIZE:funky…

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If you spent much of the last year stress-buying candles, you are not alone. Some people find peace with meditation or a good ol’ sheet mask, others find peace with excessive candle purchases. (I’m others. You’re others. We’re all probably others.) While used to release relaxing fragrances or simply to illuminate a room, candles could also double as stylish home decor as artists and candlemakers alike opt for more creative forms. (Hello, bust candles!

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Lovely shaped heart candle stands all by it self! Such a cute gift to give or for your own home decor! Comes in choice of color and optional gift box! Lavender scented Approximately size: 5.6”inches tall note that all our candle are handcrafted and therefore unique. The sIze, color, and be slightly different from the photos. This is a nice gift to give or for your own home decor! Because these are made to order, and 100% handmade, the colors and shapes may vary. Soy wax Follow us on…

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HANDMADE! MADE TO ORDER Introducing the Cheesy Cheese Candle! These adorable and hilarious candles bring a whole new meaning to "cheesy" ambiance. Designed to add a touch of whimsy to any space, this cheese-inspired candle is perfect for cheese lovers and candle enthusiasts alike. Thank you to my 11-year-old daughter, who has a passion for drawing, for creating this funny artwork of these cute cheese candles! CAUTIONS: DUE TO THE SPECIAL SHAPE, IT WILL OVERFLOW WHEN BURNING, PLZ BE SURE TO…

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