Canoe storage

Maximize your outdoor space with creative canoe storage solutions. Find practical and stylish ideas to keep your canoe safe and easily accessible for your next adventure.
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If you have a deck, it’s one of the easiest and most convenient places to store your kayak when you aren’t paddling. There are many forms of under deck kayak storage, however, so you will need to choose the option that makes the most sense for you. Storing your kayak (or kayaks) under your deck ... Read more

Mary Brown
This might work to store my kayak for the winter months: homemade kayak rack storage unit Outdoor, Camping, Camping Hacks, Diy Kayak Storage, Kayak Storage Rack, Kayak Rack, Kayak Storage, Outdoor Storage, Kayak Stand

After about 2 months of having the kayaks laying around the driveway and on the deck I finally got around to building a storage system for them. I needed something to protect them from the elements and get them out of the way. We're all about proper storage at our house... wait I should have said Melinda is all about proper storage at our house. Alot of stuff would be laying around in disarray if it were up to me. After a bit of Internet searching I found some pretty interesting storage…

Bonnie Low