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Gigi Hadid Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Box Your Way To Supermodel Status – Superhero Jacked Yoga, Fitness Models, Fitness Workouts, Kendall Jenner, Fitness, Fitness Diet, Nutrition, Bikini Diet Plan, Celebrity Diets Plan

BONUS: Gigi Hadid's workout needs to be fun. I'll tell you right now that Hadid is not a fan of typical gym sessions and running on a treadmill. That being said, you can replicate the training of the supermodel quite easily. Gigi Hadid is a big advocate against body shaming, and says she's been trying to gain weight, but her super active lifestyle, on top of her training that keeps her nice and toned, makes it difficult. Hadid is of course first a foremost a model, having made it to the…

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