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Learn how to easily change your email address with this step-by-step guide. Update your email and stay connected with all your contacts and subscriptions hassle-free.
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Since Outlook is about as common as Word and Excel on most work computers around the world, I'd like to share with you a few tips about how you can use the really cool Journal tool in Microsoft Outlook to track your day - including every task, every email, every phonecall and everything that you do throughout the day. This is a one-click time management system that pretty much beats most anything else that you might download for free.

Stacy Massengill
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I’ve talked about paper clutter and how I have greatly reduced it. Whenever it comes up, though, people ask about email. Like I did in that post, let me be clear that I’m no Email Guru. At all. I’m the one who doesn’t even mind the red numbers on her iPhone, remember? But I have […]

Liz Hicks