Chicken coop garden

Transform your backyard into a vibrant and sustainable oasis with these creative chicken coop garden ideas. Learn how to integrate your chicken coop with a beautiful garden to enhance your outdoor space.
Chicken Coops

Find inspiration for your own backyard chicken coop. For while dogs may fetch and cats may hunt, chickens boast a talent neither can match: It lays delicious eggs. For those who want to raise chickens in their own backyard, use these inspiring chicken coop ideas to create an environment that is enjoyable and safe for both your family and your chickens. A backyard chicken coop will make the perfect addition to any garden. Adapt the coop to fit your style, whether you want it to stand out or…

Meagan Nesbit
How deep litter method works in chicken coops

I only clean my chicken coop once a year and it never even smells bad! I use the deep litter method to keep my coop clean. The pros and cons of the deep litter method and how it works for backyard chickens. Stop cleaning your chicken coop constantly! Try this!