Chicken coop kit

Create a cozy and functional home for your chickens with our easy-to-use and affordable chicken coop kits. Find the perfect kit to start raising your own chickens and enjoy fresh eggs right from your backyard.
Do you have acreage or a farm, or are you just wanted to have backyard chickens? Then click through to see the 6 gorgeous chicken coops kits Sanctuary is totally obsessed with right now. These aren’t your ordinary chicken coops! Image source: Williams-Sonoma Diy, Chicken Coop, Backyard Chicken Coops, Chicken Coop Kit, Chickens Backyard, Best Chicken Coop, Backyard Chickens, Small Chicken, Chicken House

Ever since we moved into our modern farmhouse on Thanksgiving 2017, I've been romanticizing the idea of having a bunch of crazy-ass hens running around our huge backyard, blissfully pecking and clucking away. Click through to see 6 super dreamy chicken coop kits I’m currently obsessed with!

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Looking for options for your first chicken coop? Or are you completely overwhelmed at the idea of building your own? Hey, I hear ya. I've been there. These chicken coop kits might be just what you're looking for! Take it from someone with ZERO building skills, there's no shame in purchasing a chicken coop kit

Sharon Reminder

Build your own chicken coop! This modern style chicken coop is narrow in footprint to fit most anywhere, and looks great in urban to country backyards. This chicken coop fits 2-4 chickens, and has a built in egg box and run. It's easy to clean and feed and water. The coop is fully covered to stay dry, with options for shade and sun. This is a free, diy chicken coop plan - complete with step by step diagrams, shopping and cut lists and build video from

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