Childhood memories

Rediscover the magic of your childhood with these nostalgic ideas. From games to toys and more, create new memories that will transport you back to your carefree days.
A good old fashioned blanket fort. YES.
Haha! Haven't seen my couch in a few days as it seems to have been taken over by a blanket fort Tent, Hut, Saw Ii

I made this fort in my room to take pictures in for my final portfolio for my digital class. Those photos will be up shortly, don't you worry :)

Amanda Melendrez
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Since I haven't had the luck to be born and to grow up in The United States of America, or any other Western country, but rather an occupation-torn post-Soviet state that has just regained its freedom, I've never actually seen or touched half of the things on this list. And, yet, looking at all these Poo-chi dogs, Polly Pockets, and things like phone charms, I feel a massive wave of 2000s nostalgia!