Christmas cookie icing

Add a festive touch to your holiday baking with these delicious Christmas cookie icing recipes. Get creative and decorate your cookies with colorful and flavorful icing that your family and friends will love.
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This classic royal icing is the perfect way to ice sugar cookies without any corn syrup!

Gayle Simonetti
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Ready in minutes, this Sugar Cookie Icing Recipe is perfect for decorating cookies for Christmas and any other occasion.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to dive head first into creating almost-too-beautiful-to-eat royal icing cookies. Royal icing cookies are the perfect treat for any occasion and they can really set the tone for an event! They photograph beautifully and taste great, too. If you think decorating beautiful royal icing cookies is above your...Read More

Audrina Malone
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This is the best royal icing for sugar cookies! It is easy to make, has amazing flavor and dries softer than other royal icings. I'm always getting compliments whenever I use this recipe to decorate my sugar cookies!

Britney Szekley