Class auction

Boost your fundraising efforts with these unique class auction ideas. Engage your community and raise funds for your school with exciting items and experiences.
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Georgine Bosak
heart and hue: Small things ...  This was done for a class auction.  I think its just lovely. Group Art Projects For Kids, School Auction Art Projects, School Auction Projects, Class Auction Projects, Art Auction Projects, Homemade Teacher Gifts, Classe D'art, Class Auction, Class Art Projects

I was asked to head up the PreK class gift for our big school-wide auction [our biggest fundraiser of the year]. I put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with 'the perfect gift'. I think there is already pressure there knowing that the item you create & present is supposed to raise a lot of money. So then it just snowballs from there. There's pressure to come up with an item that would appeal to a lot of people [the parents of the PreK]. Pressure to come up with something that someone…

Stacey O'Connor