Clay jewelry diy

Learn how to make stunning clay jewelry at home with these easy and creative DIY ideas. Add a personal touch to your style and express your creativity with handmade clay jewelry.
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Butterfly Earrings •These are made from a high quality clay, they are lightweight. They naturally have some flexibility. •Because they are made completely by hand, each one will be unique. • Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches long • Finish: 18K Gold Plated Post∙ • All our jewelry is made by hand with Love and Care in our studio Since these are a handmade item, some earrings may have minor imperfections. • IG: @sydneyashlynco ~Shipping Information~ Please be sure to double check that your shipping…

Kendra Hoffman
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Hi friends! You may be seeing these super cute, trendy earrings popping up all over the place, (they are currently taking over my discover page on Instagram) and I’m here to tell you how to make them! This trend actually popped up for me during the beginning of the quarantine chaos when I legit thought I wouldn’t be able to leave my apartment so I STOCKED UP on clay, assuming this was going to be my new craft of choice while wedding calligraphy is on the back burner. (And I’m not sad that I…

Rebecca Landmark