Concrete footings

Learn how to build strong and durable concrete footings with these essential tips. Ensure the stability of your structures and lay a solid foundation with expert advice.

Trick for Attaching Sill Plates to Concrete Footings: Attaching sill plates to continuous footings on the first try can be a challenge. Traditionally, contractors will lay the sill plate on top of the anchors and bash it with a hammer to mark the location of the anchor bolts. Typically the board will …

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Builders routinely install several types of barriers to avoid damp basements. Examples of these features include a layer of crushed stone and polyethylene under a basement slab; asphaltic dampproofing on the exterior side of basement walls; and sill seal made of thin closed-cell foam between the top of a foundation wall and the mudsill. All of these materials are used to reduce the transfer of moisture from the damp soil surrounding a foundation to the interior of the building or vulnerable…

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