Copper tubing

Discover unique and creative ways to use copper tubing in your DIY projects. Get inspired and start crafting with this versatile material for stunning results.
How to Melt Scrap Copper Metal With a Torch | eHow Melting Metal, Color Cobre, Copper Diy, Copper Tubing, Copper Pipe, Diy Metal, Metal Projects, Metal Words, Scrap Metal

How to Melt Scrap Copper Metal With a Torch |

Scrap copper can be melted in order to create works of art or simply to pour into ingots for easier recycling. You can melt copper at home as long as you have a torch that is capable of reaching 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This project is fairly dangerous, and should not be attempted by children.

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Bend copper tubing without crushing it by first filling it with salt or sand.  #DIY Crushing It, Sculpture Metal, Copper Tubing, Copper Pipe, Metal Projects, Jewelry Techniques, Metal Words, Jewelry Tools, Metal Crafts

How to Bend Copper Pipe and Tubing Without Crushing It

How to Bend Copper Pipe and Tubing Without Crushing It: I recently made a copper tubing coil to use in a solar-powered water-boiler and learned the right way and the wrong way to bend copper tubing. The tubing is easy to bend when making large-radius curves, but is likely to kink or crush when tryi…

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How to Bend Copper Tubing: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Sometimes, it's necessary to bend a section of copper tubing in order to make it the right fit for a given project. If the tube is small enough in diameter, you may be able to simply shape it by hand with the aid of a pipe spring. Assuming...

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Nashville Lawn & Garden Show: Funky Fabulous

While I walked around the garden show, I started to wonder if I should be looking for Donna ( ) hiding somewhere in the background. I hadn’t heard that she made a sneak trip to Nashville… But it was looking “funky junk” all over the show halls! Doesn’t this little porch make you want to sit down and kick your shoes off? Look at that chippy red chair! Love the rusty bike and the daffodils. Old and new in perfect contrast. There was even a pallet…

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DIY Copper Garden Art from Copper Tubing

I love the look of copper in the garden-so much so that I have made a few different pieces for my garden and also a rain chain. I like to use copper tubing because it is flexible and I can manipulate it any way that I want. The added bonus is that it is beautiful and elegant. I created this recently from a roll of copper tubing, some concrete and an old nursery pot: DIY copper garden art Here is another piece I made last year: DIY copper garden art Here is a picture of the first one I…

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