Coral reef craft

Get inspired to bring the beauty of the ocean into your home with these fun and creative coral reef craft ideas. Dive into the world of crafting and create your own vibrant and colorful coral reefs.
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Many VBS themes relate to water, so this DIY Coral Reef can be used over and over again! These are so fun and use materials you may already have on hand. Follow Borrowed Blessings for more VBS ideas & resources!

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Aren't coral reefs beautiful? I love all the vibrant colors that seamlessly blend together. They create a gorgeous ecosystem. This easy coral reef art project allows students to make their own stunning coral reefs with just a little paint and some sponges! Materials light blue construction paperacrylic paint in various bright colorsspongespermanent black markerscissorspaper plates

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Kids love all things ocean, from “Baby Beluga” to Finding Nemo! So you can be sure they’ll be excited to get their hands on this collection of ocean activities. They’ll be able to make sea creatures, participate in ocean experiments, and learn a lot about our watery world. Come come in… the water is perfectly […]

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A simple little project that was not only fun, but also therapeutic!!! Supplies: 1. Coffee filters (about 30 per kid) 2. Food coloring (Gel color creates more vibrant colors) 3. Large bowls with about 1 inch of water 4. Wax Paper 5. Pipe Cleaners Simple steps: Squirt a good amount of food coloring into each of your bowls. Dip a test filter into your color to see if you like the color! Too light? Add more color! Too dark? Add more water!!! Once you have each color to your liking, dip a small…

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Supplies Needed: Pool noodles Box cutter (adults only!) Wire hangers Here's a fun summer craft to do for under the sea birthday parties, etc! Just careful use a box cutter and make spirals to look