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Cordless Drill Repair - Add a Cord: So you are tired of dead batteries on your drill and do not want to mess around with replacing or fixing the battery. Make the cordless sucker a corded drill. Lots of people seem to think this is a good idea, so here is a guide to this technique. …

Bryan Jacques
You might have been wondering how to bring dead NiCad batteries back to life since your favorite appliance simply died out. Recharging it has absolutely no effect. Now your power tool is not working and you cannot continue with your project. The cordless phone that used to be there whenever you needed to call Camping, Software, Youtube, Battery Hacks, Cordless Phone, Lead Acid Battery, Batteries Diy, Batteries, Car Batteries

Learn how to restore those Ni-Cad batteries and don’t give up just yet on that battery-powered gadget you’re using! RELATED: How To Revive Car Batteries: Don’t Throw Dead Batteries Just Yet How to Bring Dead Ni-Cad Batteries Back to Life Ways to Restore Ni-Cad Batteries You might have been wondering how to bring dead Ni-Cad batteries […]

Mark Wayne
Reanimate Old Battery Drill : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Battery Powered Drill, Battery Drill, Recondition Batteries, Battery Hacks, Battery Bank, Cell Phone Battery, Cordless Tools, Battery Charger, Lead Acid Battery

Reanimate Old Battery Drill: I was in dire need for a battery powered drill, but my good one was at my local Makerspace and I could not be bothered to drive over there at 0100 in the morning. I remembered that I had bought one some 15 years ago in a supermarket. After I dug up…

Gary Davis
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Don't Throw It in the Landfill: "How to Repair a Cordless Drill With Broken or Missing Battery for About $3 (or Less)": Many people have the battery in their cordless drill go out, and simply throw it away. In fact I obtained 2 cordless drills with missing batteries at a yard sale in a free box, as you guessed for free. This instructable shows you how to turn a cordl…

De Tobias
Convert a Black & Decker Cordless Drill Battery to Lithium Ion Cordless Power Tools, Cordless Drill Batteries, Car Battery Charger, Cordless Drill, Cordless Tools, Battery Charger, Battery Tools, Battery Hacks, Ryobi Battery

Convert a Black & Decker Cordless Drill Battery to Lithium Ion: My 2007 black and decker battery's are dead now, and already bought a new hilti set, so time to try out some things.I have done some research on the internet about lithium ion and seen a lot other conversions here on instructables.

Judith Somers