Couching embroidery

Explore the art of couching embroidery and create stunning designs with these creative ideas. Enhance your embroidery skills and add unique textures to your projects.
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How to Couch – embroidery video - Shiny Happy World

Couching is the process of using embroidery stitches to stitch a cord (or yarn or decorative thread) to the surface of your fabric. It's a fun way to add some nice dimension to your work and it can give you a really unique effect. Give it a try! If you want to couch using your

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TAST-2012-9th Week-Couching Stitches This week Sharon has announced Couching Stitches for the challenge. You can visit Sharon's Page at Pintangle for further information. I have not done much couching before. So I am very excited to get this opportunity to explore the couching stitches. here are my first set of attempts: My stitches are not perfect as I am finding it difficult sometimes to work on even weave fabric. I need more practice. Moreover after working many hours on key board, when I…

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