Crochet beanie pattern

Stay warm and stylish this winter with these cozy crochet beanie patterns. Find the perfect pattern to create your own fashionable and comfortable winter accessory.
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Looking for a hat pattern that doesn't include rounds? Maybe you're a beginner who wants to get some experience with basic stitches before moving on to making more complex shapes, or maybe you're a veteran yarncrafter who just wants an easy pattern as a breather between projects. Either way, you will love this easy ribbed, knit-look hat! Plus, you can make it in different sizes, so go ahead and make one for everyone in the family!

Nancy Sherwood
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Happy New Year! This year, diets are out and learning is IN! It's a great year to learn a new craft, like crochet. Since we are all still staying home for a while and it's a little chilly here in Edmonton, there's no better time to learn to crochet. I learned to crochet just before

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Winter season is coming up fast and getting colder and colder, so I needed a new hat. It was very easy to decide how my new crochet hat pattern should look like. Like a classic fisherman hat, working class, common... Nothing special. Just a comfortable and warm hat that common people wear.