Cross stitch tools

Get started or level up your cross stitch projects with these essential tools. Find everything you need to create beautiful cross stitch designs and bring your creativity to life.
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Cross stitch is a wonderfully relaxing hobby that is simple and inexpensive to get started. The only must have cross stitch supplies are fabric, thread, needle, scissors and a pattern with a comfy spot and good lighting to stitch in. Everything else helps make it easier or more fun! But…

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You've picked a pattern you love, gathered your floss, prepared your fabric, and brewed a nice cup of tea. You're ready to stitch! Or are you? When you're sitting down for your next stitch session, make sure you have these essential tools close at hand. 1. Good embroidery scissors This is not the time to use that old r

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12 tools & supplies gifts for cross stitchers Are you looking for a nice Christmas gift or birthday gift for the cross stitcher in your life? When it comes to gift ideas for cross stitchers, it might be difficult to choose if you are not a cross stitcher yourself. That's why we asked a

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