Curly hair overnight

Wake up with beautiful curls by trying these easy and effective methods to style your hair overnight. Discover how to enhance your natural curls and achieve a stunning look while you sleep.

There are affiliate links in this post. One of my earliests posts on this blog was how to sleep on wavy hair. In that post I went over a variety of different methods you can sleep on wavy hair to try to preserve your natural waves overnight. Since then, I’ve heard of some other techniques. […]

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If there is one thing for sure about following the Curly Girl Method, it’s that the variety of techniques out there can be downright overwhelming. I found that I like to plop my hair but I didn’t see much information about how long to leave my hair in the plop of if you even could.. So I experimented for you! Plopping my hair overnight has worked for me–and I think you should try it. Full disclosure though–our hair is all so different! Some Curly Girl followers see great results with rake…