Decorated envelopes

Add a personal touch to your envelopes with these creative ideas for decorating. Discover unique techniques to make your envelopes stand out and impress recipients.
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From KathleenH It is April 1, 2020 - I am lining up a bunch of posts - but not in the mood to write the blurbs. Plus, we are in the thick of the pandemic and every day things change. So, if things settle down, I might be able to replace this with some fun words. Otherwise -- just enjoy the envelope(s) of the day. This is another one that is so pretty I can't imagine why I did not have words to go with it when I was scheduling posts. Maybe it's because I get so many pretty envelopes and I was…

Heidi Hoglund
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I like the way the stamp is tucked in and do not recall ever doing that before. I think I said -yesterday- that I did not have a nice sage green marker. I did have this one, but it was too dry for the style I wanted to do. Here is another one. I really like doing these styles - but feel like it's all I do anymore. I wish the Edmands was smaller. And I would overlap the border around the stamp a little differently if I had it to do over. Thank you, Janet, for the idea to outline the stamp. I…

Dawn Mankowski Peck