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Discover a collection of unique denim jewelry ideas to add a touch of style and individuality to your everyday outfits. Explore different designs and find the perfect piece to complete your look.
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Upcycled Denim Earrings DIY Jewelry Tutorial by Upmade: What happens when your favorite jeans rip where the sun doesn't shine? You make some accessories out of them to wear with your next pair, right? Denim pants are such a wardrobe staple that it's hard to go wrong with a denim accessory to match. I mak…

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Hello, DIYers! Not long ago, we did a piece on ways that you can upcycle denim from old jeans. While putting that list together, it was immediately clear that there was an entire subsect of denim upcycling projects that included specifically creating jewelry made from denim. Here are some fabulous ideas for doing just that! Happy crafting! Denim Bangle Bacelets If you love bangle bracelets, why not try making your own from denim?! Found Pop Sugar Denim Flower and Fringe Earrings This pair of…

Sandy Caton
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Denim Feather Earrings and Necklace: While making this project, I took a very fluid approach rather than one set in stone. I changed my firsthand plan several times and improvised a lot! Originally I only wanted to make earrings but the texture and color of those denim feathers turne…

Orrah Adams