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Psychiastrist Dr. Jessi Gold breaks down why "Yellowjackets" is such an accurate depiction of what trauma really looks like, and why, after nearly years into surviving our own collective trauma, the show is so addicting to watch.

Alexina Portyrata
The drama, the diamonds, the catfights, the shoulder pads, the fashion, the 80's. DYNASTY! They don't make em like they used to. Dallas, Diva, Childhood Memories, Dynasty Tv Show, Collins, Dynasty Tv, Jaclyn Smith, Joan Collins, Linda Evans

At the Hollywood Drive-In Golf at Universal Studios. I loved their putt putt courses which were based on 1950's B-movies. This one was called The Haunting of Ghostly Green. While in Memphis last weekend, I was taken to a gem of a place called Park Avenue Thrift. And while it was far from being even remotely Park Avenue-esque, we did make a new friend (one whom attempted to try on her size 20 bathing suit over her clothes, asked us what we thought and paid the cashier with a wad of wet cash…

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