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Explore the magical world of Disney Infinity and bring your favorite characters to life. Discover endless possibilities and create your own adventures with this innovative video game.
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I was the ZBrush artist behind the Moana figure for Disney Infinity. She was the very last character I made while I was at Disney Interactive. she was also my favorite as well. I fought really hard to get her figure to match the attitude of the movie. (What a masterpiece of a movie!) It is a shame she was canceled half way into production. Unfortunately I will never be able to hold a final figure in my hand... le sigh.... Anyways, I've included a picture of the paint prototype done by the…

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I've had the pleasure of working as a digital sculptor on Disney Infinity! I've been lucky enough to work with an exceptionally talented group of artists at Avalanche Software. Our whole team contributed to each of these sculpts in one way or another. I'm showing the characters that I contributed to the most. I'm very proud of what we have accomplished together. I used Zbrush to create the toy sculpt.

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