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The elegantly beautiful diva, Miss Piggy, of the Muppets.  She always knows how to dress so stylish and chic! Disney, Costumes, Barbie, Pink, Miss Piggy Costume, Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy Meme, Kermit And Miss Piggy, Kermit The Frog

Miss Piggy is one of the central characters of the Muppets franchise. She is a force of nature who developed from a one-joke running gag into a three-dimensional character. Miss Piggy is a prima-donna pig who is absolutely convinced that she's destined for stardom, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Her public face is the soul of feminine charm, but she can instantly fly into a violent rage whenever she thinks she's insulted or thwarted. Kermit the Frog, her longtime crush has learned…

Linda Ross

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