Diy chocolate bars

Create your own mouthwatering chocolate bars with these easy and fun DIY recipes. Treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate experience with these homemade delights.
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Homemade Chocolate Bar Recipe Chocolate bars will always remind me of waiting in line at the grocery store as a kid, if you stare long enough, one might magically happen to land on the conveyor belt of groceries, right? Now that I’m older I enjoy overpriced candy bars with fun things like potato chips...Read More

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Glitter. Chocolate. Bars. That’s all. No, haha let’s chat about these guys and about the insanity that is edible glitter! Ready for some fast facts? Not all “edible glitter” is actually edible. Did you know that? I didn’t. But in my research for this post, I learned! And I figured I’d be honest with you …