DIY icing bag

Take your baking skills to the next level with these creative DIY icing bag ideas. Learn how to make your own icing bags and create beautiful designs on your cakes and pastries. Get inspired and start decorating!
Find your inner pastry chef and decorate like a pro with this easy Ziploc bag icing trick. Who needs a fancy pastry bag when you have all you need in your kitchen already? A Ziploc bag and some duck tape make decorating cupcakes a breeze. #abakershouse #ziploc #kitchentip #cupcakes #icing Crafts, Parties, Dessert, Diy Icing Bag, Cupcake Icing Techniques, Homemade Piping Bag, Pastry Bag, How To Ice Cupcakes, Icing Techniques

You don't need fancy icing pastry bags to make pretty cupcakes. Frosting your cupcake with a homemade piping bag can be accomplished with materials you already have in your kitchen-- a Ziploc bag and Duck tape! Get ready to find your inner pastry chef and create beautiful iced desserts with this simple Ziploc icing bag trick.

Amy Lacross
How to Frost a Cupcake with a Zip Lock Bag- Video Tutorial - Tips from a Typical Mom English, Parties, Apple Pie, Valentine's Day, Amigurumi Patterns, How To Make Cupcakes, How To Ice Cupcakes, Piping Frosting, Cupcake Piping

I have 5 kids and a husband so needless to say we are celebrating a birthday just about every other month. I am getting really good at making cupcakes. And even better at creating shortcuts for myself! This #bakinghack is one I’m particularly proud of. How to frost a cupcake with a zip lock bag. […]