Diy mini greenhouse

Learn how to build a DIY mini greenhouse to protect and nurture your plants. Explore ideas to create a thriving garden all year round with this simple and cost-effective solution.
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I'm sure it's the same for everyone but I feel like our garden is SO behind compared to last year! I've finally been able to plant out some of the hardier veggies but we've also built a DIY cold frame from pallet wood to keep growing our seedlings...

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You've seen these before... old windows used to build a greenhouse of any size. It just seems the best use for these panes of glass that can easily be acquired. I've had some old windows for years and we finally put them to use for the final touch on my "project". ( My garden renovation "project" was mentioned in the post below, and it has taken me about 2 weeks to complete. I'll post the video soon, but I want the new planting to fill in a bit, before I film.) So, in the meantime, I will…

Cristin Harber