Diy water pump fountain

Transform your outdoor space with a DIY water pump fountain. Learn how to create a beautiful and soothing water feature for your garden or patio.
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Tutorial Time! Building a Fountain

I recently put together a small pond/fountain as a gift, and since it wasn't too dificult, I thought I would post a tutorial to take some of the mystery out of it. First, my materials. -1/2 Whiskey Barrel or Wine Barrel (often used as planters, look at your garden store) -Round Pond liner, mine was 15" deep and fit my barrel perfectly (Lowes Hardware) -Pond Pump or Fountain Pump* (Lowes Hardware) -Flexible Pond tubing, to fit your pump (check the package of the pump, it will specify) (Lowes…

Lacey Sanford
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Small garden pond with old hand pump

I bought this pond kit 5 or 6 years ago on fall clearance and have been moving it around in the shed ever since. Finally gave the ultimatum, it either gets put in the ground this year, or goes in the garage sale. It worked! It involved me moving LOTS of flowers (craigslist!)and my son dug the hole f...

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15+ Creative Old Hand Pump Ideas

Get inspired with these 15 unique ideas for repurposing old hand pumps and add a touch of vintage charm to your outdoor space. Transform an old hand pump into a whimsical water feature or use it as a quirky planter for your favorite flowers. Let your creativity flow and bring a nostalgic feel to your garden. Explore DIY projects, enhance your garden design, and embrace the beauty of vintage decor with these creative outdoor inspirations.

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