Diy water system for garden

Upgrade your garden with a DIY water system that will keep your plants healthy and thriving. Discover top ideas to create a sustainable and efficient watering solution for your garden.
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I built three garden beds & my own DIY drip system in a week. In this blog, I break down the pricing and instructions for each garden bed. Also, the way I built my TIMED pvc drip system. I’m NO pro, just a mom with the desire to build affordable, cedar raised beds for my garden & sleep in while my kids still do... while the water runs itself. This is a very simple tutorial.

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Learn how to keep your garden watered while on vacation without hiring someone to water. Follow this gardening guide to learn ways to water your garden while you are out of town. #gardeningchannel #gardening #vegetablegardening #wateringgarden

Debra Spencer