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This Dog Has A ‘Human Face’ And It Will Make You More Uncomfortable The Longer You Stare At It | Bored Panda Shih Tzu, Chien Shih Tzu, Doodles Bonitos, Shih Poo, Shih Tzu Dog, صور مضحكة, Human Face, Dog Sitting, 귀여운 동물

Meet Yogi, an adorable Shih-tzu dog that is taking the internet by storm. No, he does not have a special talent or anything, but after his first appearance on Reddit, people started noticing something unusual about the way he looks. His face resembles a human! Brown, almond-shaped eyes, the illusion of eyebrows, pinkish lips and a precise haircut are probably the reasons why Yogi gives such an impression.

Anne Johnson