Dog skull

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Crâne de Chien / Dog Skull (Canis familiaris) English Cocker Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Coyote Skull, Canine Skull, Dog Skull, Canine, English Cocker, Dog Anatomy, Animal Bones

Crâne de Chien / Dog Skull (Canis lupus familiaris) Longueur/length : 17cm largeur/width : 10 cm This dog skull comes from a vet school and was preserved in alcohol. I had it as a dissection specimen to get the bite forces by mean of head muscles. We calculated an estimated bite force of 85Kg-force. I spend quite some time searching about dog skulls to find a breed or a group of breed. I first thought of a bully breed but thanks to several advises, my guess now is that it's possibly a…

Mohammed Anuz
Apple Head Chihuahua Skull Curious Photography, Skulls Sketch, Pig Skull, Apple Head Chihuahua, Halloween Flash, Dog Skull, Skull Reference, Skull Sketch, Animal Skull

Bone Clones Apple Head Chihuahua Skull BC-348. A small dog with a long history. One origin theory: the dogs derived from the Techichi, a small companion dog kept by the people of the Toltec civilization as early as the 9th century. DNA tests suggest direct lineage to ancient pre-Columbian Mexican dogs. Chihuahuas exhibit varied morphology in their small size (1-12 lbs.), including skull shape, coat length and coloration.

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