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I am attempting to document the making of a Waldorf doll. These dolls are not difficult to make, but rather different than classic cloth rag dolls. I was a bit intimidated the first time I made one, mainly because it was so different that what I was used to and comfortable with. But the dolls are fun to make, and have such a lovely shaped head and cuddly body. It was well worth stepping out of my comfort zone to give it a try.

Gail Schwandt
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So now that I've caught your attention with that snappy title, I'll have to admit that this post is about how to turn tiny fingers for cloth dolls and not something more salacious. I've had quite a few folks ask how to make such small fingers and as with many projects the trick is to have the right tools. Here are mine.. Sharp scissors Turning Tubes (available here scroll almost to the bottom of the page) Hemostat Fray check As you can see my turning tubes have seen some heavy use over the…

Trish Howes
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Looking for a fun and creative sewing pattern project that will delight any little girl? Look no further than my sewing pattern for a beautiful doll, complete with a set of clothes to dress her up in! With detailed instructions and all the necessary materials included, you'll be able to create a one-of-a-kind toy that any little girl will cherish. The doll is perfect for imaginative play, tea parties, and even as a companion for bedtime stories. And with the added bonus of a set of clothes…

Cristina Chapt
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Doll body for crafting Blank doll body Doll making Cloth doll body Handmade doll supply Textile doll Craft doll body Ragdoll body Fabric doll form Doll bodies A height of the dolls is 20cm/7.8 in 33 cm/13 in 46cm/18 in Select the color of the empty doll. 1-white 2-beige 3-Cappuccino 4-brown The body is made of cotton. Doll can stand and sit You have to make doll clothes and hair. This billet will be interesting for those who can't make the doll body Many other doll models you can find here…

Татьяна Ан
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When making handmade soft rag dolls, there are lots of options for how to make the hair! Some dolls have permanent hair dos that are sewn on, usually out of felt, and others have actual wigs made of yarn. The latter is what I’m sharing a tutorial for today — and I think you’ll be surprised at how ea

Rachael Palmer