Early pregnancy exercise

Stay fit and healthy during your early pregnancy with these safe and effective exercise ideas. Discover how to maintain an active lifestyle and support your baby's development.
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Pregnancy means you will gain some weight-it’s inevitable. While you cannot completely control or physically distribute where your weight will go or carry, you can minimize the weight you will gain and where. During my last pregnancy, I made the news headlines when I was able to carry on with my six pack almost until […]

Anna Poddubrovskaya
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As a ton of you already know, I am newly into my first trimester of pregnancy. I have been getting so many questions regarding what moves are safe for the first trimester and how to workout in the first trimester. To be honest, not much has changed or actually changes! After all, I don’t have a […]

Marie Verite

Spread the love During pregnancy, it is important to get the appropriate daily nutrients and physical activity needed to keep you and your baby healthy. From choosing your vitamins, eating the right food and learning to power through tiredness. Maintaining a healthy weight during your pregnancy not only helps you to “snap back” easier but Read More

Mona Garmora