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An Earthship is an off the grid building designed for autonomous and self-sustained living. It's a unique design that combines smart construction, renewable energy sources and eco-friendly methods to produce a zero impact living space which offers the features and comfort of a 21st century home.

Samantha Rangel
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The Phoenix is a fantastical castle complete with turrets and towers, rising above the sage-covered desert landscape. Full of whimsy, warmth, color and texture, this earthship shows that sustainability can co-exist with luxury and comfort. The house itself is a work of art with its custom tin light fixtures, stained glass windows, and light-filled bathing […]

Rhiley Maguire
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Despite the good intentions, Earthships in cold climates can't work because they contradict the laws of physics. I'm not the Mike Reynolds who invented the Earthship, I'm the Mike Reynolds who thinks Earthships in Canada and other cold climates are a bad idea. A coincidence of names; just putting that out there so…

BarbaraChris Perry