Egyptian goddess sekhmet

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Bast was usually seen as a woman with a cat’s head or a lioness. The cat was a sacred animal in Ancient Egypt and was often associated with royalty and gods. The Goddess represented fertility and motherhood but could also be fierce with protection when necessary. She was a famous goddess, and temples were built in her honor throughout Egypt. She also served as a divine nursemaid and mother figure to the Pharaoh and was worshiped as a goddess of war and vengeance. Tattoo, Sphynx, Tattoos, Goddess Symbols, Egyptian Goddess Tattoo, Egyptian Goddess, Egyptian Tattoo, Deities, Egyptian Gods

Bast is best known as the feline Goddess of ancient Egypt, also called Bastet. Worshiped throughout Upper and Lower Egypt, the exact period is unknown but some believe it was around the time of the second or Han dynasty. Her cult was centered around the city of Bubastis. Originally a lioness goddess, Bast is usually...