Enchanted doll

Explore a world of enchantment with collectible dolls. From exquisite craftsmanship to intricate details, these dolls will transport you to a magical realm. Start your collection and bring a touch of wonder into your life.
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Madame de Pompadour 2016 - By Marina Bychkova Engraved fine porcelain doll, China painting, 24k gold plating, Steels spring doll assembly, Antique Sterling Silver filigree ships, Cast bronze hair combs, Varnished Silk and Angora wig, Enamelled cast bronze shoes, 12 Rubies, 4 Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Vintage millinery flowers, Silk, Wood, Steel. Size: Doll height 14.5″ (37cm), Wig height 5″ (13cm), Overall height 19″ (49cm). More information on…

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Kay – 2010-2019 This is Kay, a 2010 original resin doll from my own personal traveling Museum Collection. This doll is unique, because much like my porcelain dolls, she is connected with 12 individual metal springs and has painted eyes. She is one of the four test prototypes ever made; all my other resin dolls are strung with elastic cord and have glass eyes. All the painting and body blushing is original, and has never been retouched. Nine years after casting, and the high-quality resin is…

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