Enchilada chili sauce

Add a burst of flavor to your favorite enchiladas with homemade chili sauce. Explore our collection of mouthwatering recipes and elevate your next meal to a whole new level.
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If you’ve ever eaten at a hole-in-the-wall Mom and Pop Mexican restaurant in Texas, these are those cheese enchiladas. Simple corn tortillas rolled around a filling of cheese and chopped onions, swimming in that dark, flavorful sauce that you can’t find on any grocery store shelf. These aren’t what you’d call authentic Mexican enchiladas, usually...Read More

Debbie Hohensee
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I believe I've finally done it. I've been playing around with chili gravy for years. My battles are detailed here: The Year of The Entomada Shredded Beef Entomadas Enchilada Trouble Shooting I've made chili gravy after chili gravy. I've experimented with using bacon grease as the fat, with canola oil as the fat, with more flour, less flour, more spices, less spices, with water as the liquid, with chicken broth as the liquid, etc. I could go on. This time however, I believe I've taken chili…

Elizabeth Edwards