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Nov 6, 2020 - Download this free speaking activitiy to teach likes and dislikes in English at home. It's simple and gets your child practicing this important functional language. Check it out today!

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For more resources please visit:https://bestenglishpages.com/list-of-tongue-twisters-for-kids/https://bestenglishpages.com/This post compiles some of the best tongue twisters that you can try yourself, or have fun practicing these words with your kids or students. - ESL worksheets

Keychain food vocabulary cards, perfect for teaching English to children in a fun and intuitive way. This resource, available at www.mypurpleclassroom.com, contains 4 different categories, each with different vocabulary cards: ▫️Food: 15 cards ▫️Beverages: 10 cards ▫️Fruit: 15 cards ▫️Vegetables: 15 cards You can easily cut the cards, laminate them if you want and combine them with a colorful keychain. I hope you like it! Pre K, Montessori, English, Food Vocabulary, English Fun, Fun With English, English Class, English Vocabulary Games, English Activities

Check out the "Food English Vocabulary Cards" - an excellent resource to teach English vocabulary related to food to children in a fun and intuitive manner. This set comprises four categories with a varying number of cards - Food (15 cards), Beverages (10 cards), Fruit (15 cards), and Vegetables (15 cards). The cards can be effortlessly cut out, laminated for longevity, and combined with a colorful keychain. Give it a try, and I hope you find it useful!

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